Medication-related problems are a leading cause of poor health, loss of independence and hospitalization in older adults. We help identify what factors can lead to these outcomes so you can maximize the benefits of your medication regimen and remain independent and out of the hospital or nursing home. ElderDrugs unique process delivers a customized medication plan (MyMedicationPlan©) that you can understand, and can be used with your physician in order to maximize your medication therapies.

Here’s how Elder Drugs can help::

• Comprehensive medication review to help you understand the risks and benefits of your medications. Identify potentially inappropriate and unnecessary medications, reduce your medication and health care costs and help you identify non-drug methods to assist with achieving your health and wellness goals.
• Assist with finding alternative drug therapies that are less expensive.
• Help select health insurance products that are most suitable in meeting your needs.
• Assist in finding medication adherence solutions to help you remain healthy and active.

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