Managing your assisted living business is becoming more challenging due to aging in place. Complex drug regimens need more intensive review and screening for adverse events to ensure your residents function as independently as possible. Adverse drug events are a leading cause of hospitalization in older adults and we can help identify and prevent them before they happen. We also provide staff training with our first-rate in-service programs that get results. We don’t just make recommendations, we implement solutions.

• Drug regimen reviews that  focus on outcomes which improve the function and quality of life of your residents.
• Development of policies and procedures designed to reduce the risk of adverse drug events and reduce hospitalization.
• Medication pass audits.
• Staff in-service training that helps non-licensed care givers best meet the needs of your clients.
• Assistance with developing policies and procedures that assist staff in the safe administration of medications and monitoring for side-effects.
• Training in medication pass technique.
• Training in blood glucose monitoring, blood pressure readings and other bedside monitoring techniques.
• Assistance with identifying automated solutions to help with self-administration of medications.