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Intent of this site

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to direct anyone to change their medications or alter their health care plan without authorization from their physician or other health care provider. This site is intended to guide older adults who are highly engaged in their health into the realm of problem solving their medication management challenges in partnership with their physicians. The content on this site has been researched and is evidence-based. The content is scripted for an audience of older adults and caregivers with high health literacy, and for health care professionals. None of the content is influenced by paid sponsorship but solely the opinion of the author and supporting references. If at any time you wish to have more specific references for our authored content, please contact us by email. If a visitor wishes to post comments, we encourage you to provide references for that content if it is beyond what is a personal experience with a medication or health event.

This site functions as a blog and its content and opinions are that of the owner, host and moderator, Alan Lukazewski. By default, we assume most visitors and participants to this site are non-medical professionals. We expect all visitors to conduct themselves in a manner that displays courtesy and decency. We ask users to post information that is truthful and correct to the best of their knowledge. Comments and participation in any discussion will be moderated on a daily basis to ensure a courteous and thoughtful exchange of information and ideas intended to help older adults best cope with their medication challenges. Any comments that are not appropriate for posting will not be posted on this site. This may include comments that are clearly an attempt to promote a product for commercial gain.

About the Author

This site was developed by Alan Lukazewski, a pharmacist for over 34 years, Certified Diabetes Educator (1993-) and Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (2009-). Alan specializes in older adult education, prevention of adverse medication events and personal health coaching. He has spent over 13 years as a Director of Pharmacy of a nationally recognized continuing care retirement community, Oakwood Village Retirement Communities in Madison, WI delivering medication management services to older adults to help them age in place. He has been the Director of Clinical Pharmacy at WEA Trust Insurance in Madison, WI, a not-for-profit health insurance company serving the public sector. The author teaches principles about how older adults often become over-medicated and then suffer from adverse drug events that not only cause harm, but also affect their function and quality of life. The author can be contacted on the Ask A Pharmacist page or by sending an email to alan@elderdrugs.com. If and when you wish to enter into a contractual relationship and receive our consulting services a more formal relationship will need to be defined. You may contact us by email for more information when considering purchasing our consulting services.


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Advertising Policy

It is the intent of ElderDrugs to fully disclose when any content is sponsored by an outside party which can be construed as an advertisement. No content will be placed on the website by a paid advertiser if the author does not agree with the statements within the content. It is our intent to post evidence-based information and offer opinions that suggest further investigation or information on a particular subject or claim is needed.